Wet And Wild Carp Fishing – High Winds, Lashing Rain – Bring It On!

Go carp fishing in the wind and rain, or stay warm in the shopping centre with the wife? No contest really, so I sorted out my carp best real mink fur eyelash on Friday night and left at the crack of dawn Saturday morning.Rmnlo

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best real mink fur eyelash

I arrived at a small local water at around 6:30 and it was blowing a hoolie with gusts up to around 50mph and raining cats and dogs. Still I figured it should make for a quiet day on the lake (in fact I didn’t see anybody else all day, other than the best real mink fur eyelash. It should also make the fish easy to find. A wind like this on a fairly mild day, and they were bound to be right on the far end of the wind. I had a quick scout around, just to make sure, and was right.

I got my bivvy set up in record time and pegged it down hard against the fierce wind.

A few handfuls of pellets and chopped boilies went in tight to the margins under an overhanging bush and another few went about 10 feet from the bank into a 3 foot wide channel I have fished to in the past.

I put a single Carple Steamer Lobster on a simple best real mink fur eyelash rig and dropped it into the margins by hand.

The same setup went on to my other rod and this was cast into the channel. I was just settling into my Terry Hearn recliner when my alarm screamed and the line sped off my Shimano baitrunner on the margins setup. The result after a short but spirited fight was a 9lb 4oz mirror. A nice start to the session and it was still only 7:30. The next 3 hours accounted for a further 5 mirrors culminating with a fish of 12lb 2oz. All of these fish had come from tight to the margins.

I had not had a peep from my other setup, but I was confident that there would be some movement through the channel. However, as I had returned the 12 best real mink fur eyelash, my Micron screamed. I scrambled over to my other rod and struck hard. I knew straight away that this was not another mirror, as they tend to be strong but slow on this water. This fish raced right across the lake in just a few seconds. It put up a great fight, but I eventually slipped my landing net under a beautiful, full-bodied, dark gold common. It weighed in at 20lb 8oz.

The rest of the day produced a further 5 high singles – all mirrors again. I was soaked through to my best real mink fur eyelash, but happy and satisfied with a great day. Around 100lb of crap in around 9 hours.

best real mink fur eyelash
best real mink fur eyelash

Mind you, that was poor compared to the £300 my wife spend in just 4 hours at the sales!


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