Lower Eyelid Surgery Options

Dark circles and saggy skin hanging under the eyes are the most common reason behind desiring a cosmetic eyelid surgery. But the most logical and sorted reasons are a more youthful appearance and better vision. Bags under the eyes can easily make a person cruelty free eyelashes older and fatigued. And the worst part is that they do not hide behind makeup.Rmnlo

cruelty free eyelashes
cruelty free eyelashes

Variations in anatomy, genetics, excess sun exposure and age are among the root causes of this problem. But if unable to tackle by using natural procedures, then applying state-of-the-art procedures, skill, expertise and expert knowledge can bring back your youthful appearance with a lasting outcome.

Basically designed to remove fat accumulations along with excess skin and muscles, the eyelid surgery is a corrective surgery, capable of altering the face of the individual and get them a rejuvenating, youthful appeal.

Types of procedures

Based on the personal concerns and the person’s anatomical features, lower lid Blepheroplasty encompasses a variety of surgical techniques, mainly involving removal of excess under eye skin tightening and herniated fatty tissue. Fractional CO2 laser is applied for enhancing the skin tightening procedure. Though the surgeon involved with you shall decide what is best for you.

Post Operative Scarring

Lower eyelid surgery involves an interior lid incision, with no visible scars. The inner tissue heals pretty quickly without any further complications. There may be also a requirement of an incision outside the eyelid for the desired outcome, which will be decided by the surgeon involved. The scarring is obscured beneath the cruelty free eyelashes and is almost unnoticeable to the naked eye.

The Anaesthetic procedure followed

Normally performed on an outpatient basis, under a local anesthesia lower lid blepheroplasty can also be performed under what is known as MAC (Monitored Anaesthesia Care), which offers certain benefits as compared to the local one. Faster recovery, greater comfort and lower risk of nausea post surgery are the main benefits which be based upon.


Minimal pain and discomfort after the surgery is normal. There may be even temporarily blurred vision which should subside within 24 hours. Ice packs are recommended, while bending for a couple of days and the bruising and swelling may last up to 7-10 days.


Infection and bleeding are common complications of almost all the surgical procedures, but it is rare with a lower eyelid cruelty free eyelashes. There may be visible scars, tightening feeling and pulling down of the lower cruelty free eyelashes, dryness of the eyes some rare complications. Though there are scar therapies and dry eye therapies, which can assist the patients in this situation.

cruelty free eyelashes
cruelty free eyelashes

Hollowing can also occur if too much fat is removed, but this risk being taken care of and under a professional Oculoplastic surgeon, this surgical procedure is not that much of a frightening one as it may seem too many.


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