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Eyelash Tweezers

In addition to lash glues, Eyelash Tweezers are also indispensable. It is better to use Lash Tweezers when wear eyelashes. Although some people can use hands to bring our eyelashes skillfully, but it is often used by hand will make our eyelashes are easily deformed and will make Mink Lashes easy to shed.

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Our Eyelash Tweezers is made of metal and is available in Gold plating and lacquer plating. The head of the tweezer is curved and will not hurt our eyes. Moreover, our Lash tweezers can custom add your logo. You only need to send your logo or brand name to us and we will use the hot stamping technique to help you add the logo on tweezers. So if you are interested Custom Lash tweezers, please send us a message, our eyelashes tweezers are not expensive, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed, you will definitely like it when you received them.

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