Leave Him Or Stick it Out? 5 Indicators it Might Be Better to Leave

When is too much, the emotional abuse he dishes out to you?Rmnlo

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This is a serious decision for you; not an easy one and should not be taken lightly. Especially if there are children involved, you can see easily that everybody will be involved in a painful process of loss and readjustment, up to the moment factory supplies soft 3d real mink eyelashes get organized and stable again.

It is important that the children, according to their ages, can see the deep reasons you are leaving: to guarantee theirs and your safety. Once you have gone through the five points listed above, the picture gets more and more clear: there is a high risk of him not being able to control his own distress and of beginning, continuing or intensifying his factory supplies soft 3d real mink eyelashes out at you, and eventually at the factory supplies soft 3d real mink eyelashes.

When the situation you all are living in proves to be so destructive that leaving the home might be the best and healthiest option, then you are emotionally ready to leave him. It will not be without some pangs of guilt, remorse and all sorts of grief for the marriage loss, the factory supplies soft 3d real mink eyelashes you dreamed to have and never existed.

Still you are in need of loving support and caring company, but not now is the time; this is the time to search for safety, protection and distance from him.

Let’s look now at the five indicators: 

  • He is not repentant or sensitive to the harm experienced by you;
  • He doesn’t care to show his abuse in front of kids or relatives;
  • He is out of control in other areas: alcohol, drugs;
  • He has lost friends or near relatives; his isolation is growing;
  • There has been a serious loss in his life: a parent, a job, etc.

When can emotional abuse become physical abuse and be lethal?

The five points illustrated above are a general list; they go from a certain detachment about the consequences of his actions on the people he says he loves, to a growing inability to sustain good relationships with others, (and get support from them) and finally, the trigger consisting on a big loss like losing his job or a parent.

This accumulation of situations, once they stack up on each other, can seriously threaten his emotional stability, and make him prone to lash out.

Is it possible that you still care about him, and that is normal; what you can do now best is stop supporting him, and give him some room to sort out his own challenges, and grow. Give him some time for him to take responsibility for his or actions and well being, so he can learn his lessons.

Moreover, having few emotional resources, you could be neglecting your own survival needs as a human being and opening the door to feel resentment in the future. Your first need is to heal. If there is a hint of abuse to you or the kids, it’s not possible for you to help him now.

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The best option is to plan a temporary separation, make sure that everybody is safe, and let time and his own effort deal with the situation. Your most pressing interest is the safety of the whole family, so you need to leave him, and begin planning for your own self-esteem recovery! Your whole life needs your attention now.


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