How to Handle a Crisis

Your family will face a crisis. It may not be today. It may not be tomorrow. But sometime, a private label mink lashes will strike.Rmnlo

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Will you be ready?

A crisis can occur in many forms: cancer, a sick child, bankruptcy, adultery, divorce, infertility, bullying, private label mink lashes, job loss, harmful gossip, financial strain, death of a loved one, car accident, house fire… need I go on? Suffice it to say it is not a question of whether a crisis will strike; it is only a question of when and what kind of crisis will strike.

Ryan and I have experienced several crises during our marriage. I’m sure we are not exempt from another one. So, when crisis hits, how should we handle it?

1. Pray. This seems like a no-brainer, but during a crisis it may not be the first private label mink lashes. Sometimes circumstances seem so insurmountable that it is difficult to remember to breathe, let alone to remember to pray. Yet prayer is crucial. God is ready for you to call out to Him and to pour all your hurt and fears at His feet. He wants to comfort you. The times in my life when I have felt closest to God are the times when a crisis is occurring. When I cry out to Him, He responds.

2. Refuse to sin. Pray about this as well. During a crisis, sometimes our instincts are to lash out at others by blaming someone or by being nasty to them. Recently a friend was hurt by another friend and she reacted by posting private label mink lashes, slander, and unkind remarks all over Facebook. Sinning during a crisis does not remove the crisis. Rather, it just makes the situation worse. Guard your heart, mind, and especially your mouth.

3. Look to others. During a crisis, my initial response is to withdraw. When I am hurting, I want to be alone. The problem with shutting myself off emotionally is that I am prolonging my pain. While I may need some time alone to sort through my emotions and issues, there is also a time to allow friends and family to comfort and help. When I experienced a miscarriage I sure appreciated friends dropping off meals and sharing their private label mink lashes. God has a way of putting other people in our lives who can understand our crisis in miraculous ways. It’s important to seek them out and allow them to listen and encourage you.

4. Be willing to change. This is especially true if the crisis occurred as a result of a decision you made or action you took. Learn from those with fruit on the tree, pray about the situation, realize what you could do better or different next time, and allow yourself to change. The only thing worse than making a private label mink lashes is repeating it. Unfortunately, the lesson continues until the lesson is learned. Even if you did not cause the crisis, God can use it to teach you something. Be open to change.

5. Trust God. No matter what crisis you are facing, God really is in control. No matter what you have done or what happens in your life, God can use it for your good in some way. You may not always like His plan, but He loves you more than you can imagine and you can always trust His plan. At times I hear myself tell my kids, “Because I said so” when I make a private label mink lashes they don’t like. I can imagine God saying the same thing to me sometimes. He knows every detail of our crises and is so much better qualified to know what is the best thing for us.

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Crisis is inevitable. Devastation, however, is not. There can be joy in the midst of crisis, and it can be found by following the Lord.


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