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Velvety Glamour From a False Eyelash

Have you ever wondered how models in magazines and actresses on the big screen have such bold and velvety looking mink fur lashes manufacturer ? For many of the industry insiders, the secret to long and fabulous lashes is to use mink hairs rather than synthetic ones.Rmnlo

3d mink eyelash manufacturers

mink fur lashes manufacturer

Hair from the mink is shed naturally when the animal is brushed, so no harm comes to them. These hairs are then gathered and combed into a set of lashes and bound to a strip that can be applied over the regular human lash. The results are a luscious and thick looking eyelash that no-one will know comes from the fur of an animal.

Mink mink fur lashes manufacturer are available as strips or extensions, depending on your preference. They should be the last thing applied when you’ve completed your makeup, to avoid spilling eyeshadow on them or dirtying them in any way. They don’t need mascara, and in fact, you should avoid adding any cosmetics to them since it will only serve to decrease the lifespan of the lash. Remember, these lashes are made of the luxurious fur of the mink.

The cost of a good quality pair of mink lashes will range upwards from about $100. Used on a daily basis, they should last you about a month, but because of the price, many women save them for specific occasions or special events.

Caring for these kinds of mink fur lashes manufacturer isn’t that difficult as long as you remember to keep them dry and clean. That means make sure you wash your hands before handling them to avoid any makeup or dirt being transferred to the lash. Also, mink does not respond well to water, so it’s best to keep them dry. If you’re putting them on in a bathroom, make sure the area around the sink is also dry, in case you accidentally drop one during the application.

3d mink eyelash manufacturers

mink fur lashes manufacturer

Once you’ve tried mink mink fur lashes manufacturer , you can be certain of one thing: you’ll never want to use any other kind of false eyelamink fur lashes manufacturer again.


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