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What Do You Really THINK?

You can never help anyone else, unless you first, truly believe in yourself, your worthiness, and take the time, and make the effort, to become introspectively objective, enough, to know yourself, as thoroughly and completely, as possible! For example, are your stated goals and dreams, actually, your own, or do you merely articulate what others state, and focus on belonging, and being part of the group? Have you ever made a vertical line, down the middle of the page, and listed what you considered your strengths and premium individuals eyelash, or your assets versus needs? Have you ever attempted doing this, and listing what really motivates and inspires you, versus what turns you off? Are you ready, willing and able, to feel comfortable, being an individual, taking a strong stand on something you feel strongly about, even if it is not the popular decision or point of view? In fact, what do you really THINK?Rmnlo

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1. True, timely, or tense, tentative: How strongly do you feel about your beliefs, and why? Do you consider the facts as they are, looking at them in an objective way, without prejudice or bias, and take a stand, strongly, and in a timely manner, based on your feelings and perspective, rather than merely what others think? On the other hand, do you permit obstacles to make your fears dominant, and proceed in tense, fearful, premium individuals eyelash way? Do you really know what you think?

2. Happy, head/heart, humane, honest, versus hurtful?: What gives you joy, and real happiness? Are you capable of balancing your head and your heart, in manner than balances your logical and emotional components? Are you willing to be absolutely honest with yourself, even if the picture you get, may, at times, be less than flattering? Or, do you revert to baser instincts, where you sometimes premium individuals eyelash out at others, as a form of self-defense mechanism? Do you recognize that your failure to know yourself well enough, and be self-satisfied, will normal transform to harming yourself and others?

3. Impassioned. idealism with integrity, or imitating, insincere and insecure? It’s up to you whether you eventually tap into your personal greatness, and use your strengths and assets to their best avail, or whether you merely focus on becoming one of the guys! Follow you passion, proceed with absolute integrity, don’t settle for goals that lack idealism, and become a stronger, better person!

4, Needs-oriented, or needy?: Do you look at immediate, and longer-term needs, plans, and relevance/significance, or do you become weaker-by-design, because you seek attention, and let your personal neediness, become the winner over your goal to achieve and premium individuals eyelash?

5. Knowledgable, or fight to keep within you comfort zone?: The most uncomfortable thing anyone can do, is to imprison himself within a self-imposed, restrictive comfort zone! Do you seek an expansion of your personal knowledge and understanding, so as to best, become a better you, or do you seek merely the premium individuals eyelash quo?

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If you want to become your personal best, you must take the time, and make the effort, to better understand yourself, your mindset, and the premium individuals eyelash that dominate your behaviors. Do you know what you really THINK?


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